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Marketing Research Principles, 2e
Putting Research into Practice

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Student FilesPosted at the "Student Files link" are all of the files students will need to complete end-of-chapter exercises. It includes files for Statistical Reporting, Dealing with Data, Critical Thinking Exercises and Lakeside Grill. We have also posted instructions on how to use SPSS to do the various exercises, such as Dealing with Data.
Student Files
Clow James Blog
Our blog provides information and links to articles, videos, survey questionnaires, and datasets. The blog is updated regularly. The information can be used to supplement your classroom lectures or provide material for assignments.
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SPSS Data Sets
We have posted additional data sets that can be used for your class beyond what is available through the textbook website at Sage. With each data set is the survey or questionnaire that was used. Most were developed by students and the data were collected by students. These can be used for classroom lectures, group assignments, individual assignments, or even testing. If you want exercises that are tied closely to the Dealing with Data sections of the textbook, please access our blog at
Video Lab
We have posted links to YouTube videos that can be used for your class on various topics that relate to the book. Worksheets are available for each video.
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