Essentials of Marketing Research
Putting Research Into Practice
Kenneth E. Clow and Karen E. James

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Chapter 1 (The Role of Marketing Research) Jeans, Pizza
Chapter 2 (Marketing Research Process) Jeans, Pizza
Chapter 3 (Secondary Data and Research) Jeans Chapter 3 (Secondary Data and Research)
Chapter 4 (Qualitative Research) Jeans, Pizza
Chapter 4 (Qualitative Research)
Chapter 5 (Observation Research) Jeans, Pizza Chapter 5 (Observation Research)
Chapter 6 (Survey Research) Jeans, Pizza Chapter 6 (Survey Research)

Chapter 7 (Experimental Research)
Chapter 8 (Sampling Procedures) Jeans, Pizza Chapter 8 (Sampling Procedures)
Chapter 9 (Measurement Methods) Jeans, Pizza Chapter 9 (Measurement Methods)
Chapter 10 (Marketing Scales) Pizza, Starbucks Chapter 10 (Marketing Scales)
Chapter 11 (Questionnaire Design) Pizza, Starbucks

Starbucks Chapter 12 (Fundamental Data Analysis)

Starbucks Chapter 13 (Analysis of Differences & Regression)

Starbucks Chapter 14 (Research Reports and Presentations)