Essentials of Marketing Research
Putting Research Into Practice
Kenneth E. Clow and Karen E. James

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Statistical Reporting
Dealing with Data
Critical Thinking Exercises
Lakeside Grill


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Chapter 1 (The Role of Marketing Research)Statistical Reporting
Dealing with Data
Chapter01 Thunderhead
Chapter 2 The Marketing Research Process)Dealing with DataChapter02 Dealing with Data Survey
Chapter02 Dealing with Data SPSS
Chapter02 SPSS Instructions
Chapter 3 (Secondary Data and Research)Dealing with DataChapter03 Dealing with Data Survey
Chapter03 Dealing with Data SPSS
Chapter03 SPSS Instructions
Chapter 4 (Qualitative Research)
Dealing with Data Chapter04 Dealing with Data SPSS
Chapter04 SPSS Instructions
Chapter 5 (Observation Research)
Dealing with Data Chapter05 Dealing with Data Observation
Chapter05 Dealing with Data SPSS
Chapter05 SPSS Instructions
Chapter 6 (Survey Research) Statistical Reporting Creating Floating Bar Chart Instructions
Dealing with DataChapter06 Dealing with Data Survey
Chapter06 Dealing with Data SPSS
Chapter06 SPSS Instructions
Chapter 7 (Experimental Research) Dealing with Data Chapter07 Dealing with Data SPSS 1
Chapter07 Dealing with Data SPSS 2
Chapter07 SPSS Instructions
Chapter 8 (Sampling Procedures)
Dealing with Data Chapter08 Dealing with Data Survey
Chapter08 Dealing with Data SPSS
Chapter08 SPSS Instructions
Chapter 9 (Measurement Methods)Statistical ReportingCreating Stacked Bar Chart Instructions
Dealing with Data Chapter09 Dealing with Data SPSS
Chapter09 SPSS Instructions
Chapter 10 (Marketing Scales) Dealing with Data Chapter10 Dealing with Data SPSS
Chapter10 SPSS Instructions
Chapter 11 (Questionnaire Design)Statistical ReportingCreating Radar Chart Instructions
Dealing with Data
Chapter11 Dealing with Data Survey
Chapter11 Dealing with Data SPSS
Chapter11 SPSS Instructions
Lakeside GrillChapter11 Lakeside Grill Survey
Chapter 12 (Fundamental Data Analysis) Dealing with Data Chapter12 Dealing with Data Survey
Chapter12 Dealing with Data SPSS
Chapter12 SPSS Instructions
Critical Thinking ExercisesChapter12 Critical Thinking Survey
Chapter12 Critical Thinking SPSS Data
Lakeside GrillChapter12 Lakeside Grill Survey
Chapter12 Lakeside Grill SPSS Data
Chapter12 Lakeside Descriptive Output
Chapter12 Lakeside Descriptive Graphs
Chapter 13 (Analysis of Differences & Regression) Dealing with Data Chapter13 Dealing with Data Survey
Chapter13 Dealing with Data SPSS
Chapter13 SPSS Instructions
Critical Thinking ExercisesChapter13 Critical Thinking Survey
Chapter13 Critical Thinking SPSS Data
Lakeside GrillChapter13 Lakeside Grill Survey
Chapter13 Lakeside Grill SPSS Data Coded
Chapter13 Lakeside Analyses Findings
Chapter13 Lakeside Descriptives
Chapter13 Lakeside Independent T-Tests
Chapter13 Lakeside ANOVA Question 6
Chapter13 Lakeside ANOVA Question 10
Chapter13 Lakeside ANOVA Question 11
Chapter13 Lakeside ANOVA Question 12
Chapter13 Lakeside Chi-Square Rankings
Chapter13 Lakeside Chi-Square Competitor
Chapter 14 (Research Reports and Presentations) Critical Thinking Exercises Chapter14 Critical Thinking Survey
Chapter14 Critical Thinking SPSS Data
Lakeside GrillChapter14 Lakeside Grill Full Report
Chapter14 Lakeside Grill Presentation